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Dumb Luck – Teaser

Dumb Luck, the second instalment of the Titanic Tales series is nearing completion, and is slated for release, and for more slating, around Christmas. To whet the appetite, here is a bite sized sample. This is a scene from Chapter 21, called ‘The Mime Network.’ Enjoy.


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Like my cover? Check out more great art by John Sinclair

Big thanks to local Sydney artist John Sinclair for putting together all of the artwork for Bad Business. Still, the limits of a book cover can not properly do justice to the detail in his original art. Check it out here yourself.

And just to get you intrigued, check this out!



Bad Business Published

Bad Business is now available on Kindle, and as a paperback! If you are in need of some light fun summer reading then pick yourself up a copy for as little as $3 right here


Blog post for Author Rob Gregson

I was recently asked to write a guest blog post for the esteemed Mr Gregson, author of the fabulous ‘Unreliable Histories,’ and its equally impressive sequel, ‘The Endless Land.’ Rob is an author that I have always admired, both for his quite splendid mastery of the English language, and for his willingness to use that mastery as a tool in his quest for irreverence and fun.

You can check it out here, along with the rest of Rob’s blog.

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